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Pacific Blue Tile: handpainted ceramic tiles

0-PB-cat-icon.jpgThese lovely tiles can be used for trivets or hung as works of art. All the tiles are original designs that the Pursa family has been creating for over 25 years for Pacific Blue Tile. Each tile is individually hand painted by Elany Pursa. Then they are fired in a kiln to 1800 degrees F until the vivid, jewel colors emerge. Use them as a hot plate or painting to hang on the wall. There are  over 160 designs including 5 whales, turtles, dragonflies, roosters, butterflies, herbs and spices, flowers, birds, tropical frogs dancing. etc.  The tiles are 6"x6" and have a backing with 4 cork 0-PB-dog-icon.jpgbumper pads and a "Hand Painted in America" label.

NEW from Pacific Blue Tile are Elany's DOG breed tiles.
Please click this link to visit the Dog Tile page.

All 6x6 Pacific Blue Tiles are $35.50 unframed.
They are also available framed for $48.
There are many tiles designs and it is not possible for us to stock all of them, but we are happy to special order any tiles that we do not have in stock. Delivery time for special order tiles can range from a week to over a month depending on the artist's schedule and when we have an order due.

If you don't see the tile you want listed below, please click on the links
at the bottom of the page to view the Pacific Blue Catalog pages.

Then just email us and let us know what you would like to order.


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