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Anthony Stoneware: bird houses

Paul Anthony Stoneware is an American pottery founded in 1966, with the vision & passion to produce functional ceramic ware of high material integrity, excellent design and pleasing aesthetic. 

Please Note: These pieces will not be available for shipping until April. We encourage you to place your order now to insure early spring delivery.


Anthony Bird House: Blue Bird
Blue birds and other cavity nesters will nest in this house as it is designed to be either mounted on a fence post or hung from a tree or an eve. The ornamented entry hole provides a landing spot for birds that prefer no perch. This one-piece house is hand thrown and measures 10" in height. Features are top and bottom ventilation holes and bottom cork for easy nest removal. Simple installation instruction are included. Glaze color: Teal
Anthony Bird House: Peek-A-Boo
Peek-A-Boo Bird House is a nesting box for small birds. Hang on a tree, a tall post or the wall of a building. In the practice of early settlers; especially in Williamsburg , Virginia , a nesting box was hung near the farmyard garden for pest control. The entry hole of the bird house is large enough to allow small resident birds, but small enough to keep larger predator birds from entering. Measures 5 in diameter by 10 in tall. Mounting hardware and instructions are included with the Peek-A-Boo. Glaze color: Lavendar Blue
Anthony Bird House: Small
For many years I have been asked to make a larger "chickadee feeder" as a bird house because birds have been nesting in the small feeders. ("blackcaps" had nested in mine, which was a bit snug for a family of four) This new house measures 6" in height and 4.5" in diameter; is a similar spherical form with decorative incised texture, and, of course without a perch. Glaze color: Butternut
BH-bif_hanging-SM.jpg Anthony Bird House: Bird in Flight
Hanging House is a full-breasted bird in flight in profile. This house hags from a 90# stainless steel coasted wire. Measure 10 in diameter by 4 in depth with a small entry for resident birds.
bh-bottle-sm.jpg Anthony Bird House: Bottle
The Bottle Bird House is our interpretation of the bird houses discovered in early excavations of colonial Williamsburg, where birds were encouraged to live near kitchen gardens as the major resource of insect control. This one-piece house is hand thrown and measures 9.5" in height and 6" in diameter. Included are wall mounting instructions, stainless steel screw and neoprene washer. Glaze: Royal Blue
bh-cone_1sm.jpg Anthony Bird House: Cone One-Piece
This one-piece birdhouse is an upright cone shape with framed entry opening. A large cork in the base provides easy clean out. Ventilation holes top and bottom allow for good air circulation. (Measures 9" high and has a 6" base diameter.) Slab constructed and hang from 90# plastic coated stainless steel wire.
bh-cone_2sm.jpg Anthony Bird House: Cone Two-Piece
This two-piece cone bird house has a nesting platform in the lower cone. The cap lid raises for easy cleaning. A smart round finial completes this wonderful design. (Measures 14" high.) Slab constructed and hangs from 90# plastic coated stainless steel wire. Glaze: white
bh-medium-sm.jpg Anthony Bird House: Medium
The medium bird house is great for chickadees, titmice, Carolina wrens and nuthatches. This one-piece house is hand thrown and measures 8" in height. It features top and bottom ventilation holes, bottom cork for easy nest removal, and hanging cord. Glaze: Royal Blue