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Lucia Antonelli: Divine Wearable Art

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Lucia Antonelli has always been interested in art. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1967 but found her passion for wearable art lied in beads not fabric. These one of a kind pieces are incredibly detailed and fun to wear!

"My work evolved in many unexpected ways and I found myself interested in executing only one of a kind neck pieces with as much detail as possible. The more intricate, the better!"

"I am self-taught and prefer executing all of my pieces by hand. By utilizing antique beads, talismans, and ritualistic objects from other cultures, it is my love to create objects of wearable art that have a timeless quality connecting the past and the future. Ultimately I wish to touch and to move the spirit of others through my work."
-Lucia Antonelli  

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Antonelli Bracelet: "10 Strand Turquoise"
Ten delicate strands of fresh water pearls, turquoise, hessonite garnet and large carnelian drops with an antique silver button and leather closure.
Antonelli Bracelet: "Pink Pearl"
Multiple strands of fresh water seed pearls and tourmaline are braided to form this beautiful pink bracelet with tassel and keshi pearl closure.
Antonelli Bracelet: "Garnet"
Antique French Brass seed beads, garnet and sterling silver make up this five braided strand bracelet with tassel and button closure.
Antonelli Bracelet: "Pyrite Drop"
Keshi pearls, aquamarine, sunstone, pyrite drop and silver
Antonelli Bracelet: "Ruby and Amethyst"
Raw Ruby, Amethyst, turquoise and large pearls make up this one of a kind bracelet. Complete with Antique African bronze ring and strands of Antique silver and brass beads with Antique silver button closure.
Antonelli Bracelet: "Lemon Quartz"
Five large Lemon Quartz with fresh water pearls and keshi pearls, magnisite, root been and pyrite with Quartz button.
Antonelli Bracelet OR Necklace: "Assorted Pearl"
This three wrap bracelet with assorted fresh water pearls and silver can also be worn as a necklace!
Antonelli Necklace: "French Brass & Labradorite"
Quartz crystals, labradorite, aquamarine, freshwater pearls, pyrite, antique french brass seed beads, antique crystal button.
Antonelli Necklace: "Coral & Amber"
Coral, antique African amber, mauritanian shell, ostrich egg shell, antique tibetan turquoise, old walrus ivory, freshwater pearls, antique shell button.
Antonelli Necklace: "Quartz and Sterling"
A large strand of Rudilated Quartz briolettes with sterling silver chains and freshwater pearls.
Antonelli Necklace: "Raw Ruby & Green Amethyst"
This Green Amethyst necklace has a large raw ruby drop surrounded by freshwater keshi pearls and an antique button closure
Antonelli Necklace: "Seaweed Collar"
This "Seaweed" collar is adorned with moss aquamarine, pink tourmaline, freshwater pearls, countless French Brass seed beads and an antique button closure.
Antonelli Necklace: "Yellow Keshi Pearls"
Collar of pale yellow keshi pearls with an antique button closure at the front. Two sterling silver strands dangle more pearls, aquamarine, rubies.