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handicapped accessibility

To our Valued Mobility and Visually Impaired customers:

We are fully aware of the challenges that our design and layout of our historic Victorian firehouse built in 1888 and renovated by us in 1980 presents to our handicapped customers. We are not in a financial position to be able to make significant physical changes to our store but we are eager to make your shopping experience at Craft Company No.6 as pleasant as possible.

We would like to suggest that you visit our store during times when we are less busy so that we may give you extra assistance. Please feel free to call and ask when would be the best time to come so we can prepare in advance with adequate staff.

-We have a portable ramp that we can put at our entrance door upon request for wheelchair access. We are planning to install a bell that can be rung at our entrance for staff assistance with the ramp. Until that happens please call our front counter at 585-473-3413 or knock on our front door.

-A staff person will be eager to open our locked cases and bring you things from our raised decks on our main floor. They will also be happy to bring down a reasonable number of items from our second floor for you to consider.

-We are also willing to bring a reasonable number of  items out to a car parked in our lot for consideration. We will also be able to take payment and deliver your gift boxed purchase to your vehicle.

-Please keep in mind that we do not have a handicapped accessible bathroom.

-If you are bringing a group of elderly people from a senior center or assisted living facility please notify us in advance so we can prepare. Please advise your group that we have uneven brick floor and raised decks and care should be taken while maneuvering around the store.

If you wish to offer any suggestions to improve our handicapped accessibility please send us and email. Our goal is to make your experience at Craft Company No. 6 as rewarding and easy as possible.

Kathleen Verzillo, Owner of Craft Company No.6.