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kitras: "tree of enchantment" glass balls

"Trees of Enchantment" make the perfect gift
all year round for any occasion!

They are hand-blown in Ontario, Canada using primarily recycled glass by the very talented glassblowers of Kitras Art Glass.

We offer "Tree of Enchantment" ornaments in 2 different sizes:

6" - Which look beautiful hanging in any sun filled window or in the garden.
10" - Makes a lasting impression hanging from the ceiling or in a large window.
"Trees of Enchantment" glass balls are also spectacular in the garden
hanging from a tree or giant shepherds hook!
(Please note: We try to keep all 6" sizes in stock but occasionally they sell out before we can reorder.
We stock some but not all styles in the 10" size. Should we be out of stock on an item you want we will be happy
to custom order one for you. Approximate delivery on out of stock items 2 to 4 weeks.)

All of the Trees come with a special story tag that has an special theme message.
We have copied the messages on each tag next to the item below.
The Trees are available in "Inspirational" and "Sentiment" themes.
Also available are the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall - each
so beautiful and unique that you will want to collect them all!

Be sure to click on the BLUE TEXT for each item to see a larger image.


Attached card reads: Tree of Blessings: As many leaves that are on a tree is as many blessings that we each have in our life. Just as all the leaves combine to create the full leafy top of a tree, so do all of our blessings combine to a full and meaningful life. With care and attention we can grow our blessings and the blessings of others by nurturing, just as we would nurture a tree. The tree of blessings reminds us that there is no blessing to big or too small that doesn't add to the fullness of life.
· Kitras Blessing 6" $59.99
· Kitras Blessing 10" $134.99

Attached card reads: Tree of Faith: Faith is based on a set of deep rooted beliefs we use to guide us through times of uncertainty. Just as the branches of a tree reach and grow, faith drives us to stretch beyond our means to undertake extraordinary feats. The Tree of Faith reminds us of the power we hold within ourselves to achieve that which seems impossible.
· Kitras Faith 6" $59.99
· Kitras Faith 10" $134.99
Attached card reads: Tree of Family: There is no greater comfort in life then the unconditional love and support of family. Like the roots of a tree, family nourishes and encourages us to grow to limitless possibilities. The Tree of Family reminds us that no matter how far we branch out as individuals, our family is always there for support, for encouragement, and above all for love.
· Kitras Family 6" $59.99
· Kitras Family 10": $134.99
Attached card reads: Tree of Friendship: Like each leaf on a tree, our life is blessed with friends who help to define us as the individuals we are. Similarly, the changes of season that a tree undergoes is like the circle of friends that we've met throughout our lives. The Tree of Friendship reminds us to cherish each of our friends, the old and the new, as each one adds a unique leaf to our tree of life.
Attached card reads: Tree of Healing: Just a it takes time for a tree that's lost its leaves to rest over the winter and regenerate to springtime glory, true healing involves body, mind and Spirit. In your quest to heal and recover from the hurts that are part of life, know that you are not alone. Like a tree your are constantly rooted to those urging you to keep strong.
· Kitras Healing 6" $59.99
· Kitras Healing 10" $134.99

Attached card reads: Tree of Hope: Hope is essential to growth and gives us the courage to move forward when we experience adversity. Just as a tree grows despite harsh natural conditions, hope elevates us above life's obstacles. The Tree of Hope reminds us that nothing is ever truly lost so long as we have hope.
· Kitras Hope 6" $59.99
· Kitras Hope 10" $134.99

Attached card reads: Tree of Joy: Delight in the vibrant mix of life's simple pleasures. Like a tree bursting into life after a long winter spread the joy you feel today with those around you. The Tree of Joy reminds us that performing small acts of kindness can help make the world a more joyful place.
· Kitras Joy 6" $59.99
· Kitras Joy 10" $134.99

Attached card reads: Tree of Life: Like each leaf of a tree our life is full of colourful and unique moments that define us as individuals. Similarly, the changes a tree endures throughout the seasons illustrates to us the circle of life. The Tree of Life reminds us to live everyday of our lives with compassion, integrity and gratitude.
· Kitras Life 6" $59.99
· Kitras Life 10" $134.99

Attached card reads: Tree of Love: There is no greater gift in the world than the gift of love. Like a tree, love grows stronger and more beautiful with time. The Tree of Love represents the countless blessings that love brings in our lives. I loved you then, I love you still, I always have and always will.
· Kitras Love 6" $59.99
· Kitras Love 10" $134.99
Attached card reads: Tree of Motherhood: A mother nurtures and cares for you and helps you to grow to your fullest potential, just as a tree when it is nurtured. A mother can be the person who gave birth to you or the person who has helped to guide and support you as you make your way through the journey of life. The Tree of Motherhood reminds us to celebrate mothers and the important role that they play in out lives.
Attached card reads: Tree of Peace: The beauty and tranquility of nature in essence captures the meaning of peace. Like a tree growing in harmony with the forest that surrounds it, peace brings with it a message of tolerance, acceptance and compassion. The Tree of Peace reminds us that there are no limits to our abilities of charity and understanding.
· Kitras Peace 6" $59.99
· Kitras Peace 10" $134.99
Attached card reads: Tree of Sisters: Sister can mean the one who was born into your immediate family or the "sister" who is your closest friend. Sisters are the ones that nurture you, support you, laugh and grow with you. Sisters are a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. A sister is a forever friend.
· Kitras Sisters 6" $59.99
· Kitras Sisters 10" $134.99

Attached card reads: Tree of Strength: Strength is a powerful instrument we use to navigate the unexpected twists and turns of life. Just as a tree uses its trunk for support we use our inner strength to hold us steady. The Tree of Strength reminds us of our resiliency and our unique ability to rise above adversity no matter what.
· Kitras Strength 6" $59.99
· Kitras Strength 10" $134.99
The perfect gift anytime you want to show your appreciation!
Attached card reads:
Tree of Thanksgiving: We have many blessings in life that we often take for granted... We should give thanks the year-round - not only at the time of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Gratitude consists of being more aware of what you have, than what you don't. The Tree of Thanksgiving is a symbol of how like a tree we to can nurture those around us by being thankful and giving back in the form of simple gestures of thanks.
The perfect graduation gift!
Attached card reads: Wisdom is a powerful instrument we use to navigate the twists and turns in the journey of life. Just as a tree trunk get stronger year after year, our wisdom grows to help us find solutions to life's dilemmas. The Tree of Wisdom reminds us that we have the innate wisdom to solve each of life's puzzles and to use that wisdom with confidence and strength.
· Kitras Wisdom 10" $134.99

Beautiful shades of green burst forth in this signifying the rebirth of this favorite season.
· Kitras Spring 6" $59.99
· Kitras Spring 10" $134.99

This stunning ball is bright and colorful like the summer sun all the pretty flowers in bloom.
· Kitras Summer 6" $59.99
· Kitras Summer 10" $134.99
Before trees drop their leaves for winter rest they give a spectacular show of warm colors. Reds, orange and yellow make autumn one of the most beautiful of all seasons.
· Kitras Autumn 6" $59.99
· Kitras Autumn 10" $134.99
Cool colors of blue and purple represent the final season of the year.
· Kitras Winter 6" $59.99
· Kitras Winter 10" $134.99