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Music of the Spheres: windchimes

mainimagenew.jpgHand-crafted, Symphonic Quality Chimes

Music of the Spheres wind chimes come in several sizes, which is the same as saying pitch ranges. The larger chimes have a lower pitch and smaller chimes have a higher pitch. Click this link if you are interested in hearing the chimes.

Wind chimes make a unique  gift that will last a lifetime and are the perfect gift to commemorate a milestone like wedding, graduation or to show Dad how much you love him. Men generally love the details of the fine craftsmanship and elegant engineering of Music of the Spheres chimes. "They'll think of you every time they hear it!"

If you buy a wind chime for a wedding gift we'd like to suggest that on the card , you can say, "Wishing you a harmonious life together!" The detachable wind catcher on a Music of the Spheres chime even allows the couples' names and wedding date to be engraved, creating a personalized gift that the happy couple will cherish for years to come!

Music of the Spheres chimes are made from black, powder-coated, aluminum alloy tubing. Durability is guaranteed:
- 7 years outdoors for Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto and Westminster
-15 years outdoors for Tenor and Bass
-15 years outdoors Contrabass and Basso Profundo