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Nancy Gong: art glass blessings

Inspired by a Chinese tradition of hanging hollow brass calligraphy in one's home or business
Art Glass Blessings are a way of sharing a wish or "blessing" with occupants or visitors.

Note: Aqua Marine Blue and other colors not shown are available on a random basis. Colors many vary from images.


Prices for Art Glass Blessings are as follows:
3" - $140
4" - $145
5" - $150

Please email us to order the blessing and color of your choice
or to find out what we have in stock for immediate shipment.

Blessings-computerA.jpg    blessing-sample.jpg
The image above with Blessings by computer screen illustrate scale.

Nancy Gong also does fabulous architectural work and we hope you visit her website
to learn more about this amazing Rochester, NY artist and her work.