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sticks: coat racks

Sticks Coat Racks come in 2', 3' or 4' lengths with or without a shelf.
Click this link to see the variety of shapes.
We often have some in stock but we'd be happy to help you with a
custom order. Prices are as follows:

COATRACK,2FT       5.5H  24L CRK001 391
COATRACK,2FT,W/SHELF 8-10H  24L  4D CRK002 449
COATRACK,3FT      5.5H  36L CRK006 506
COATRACK,3FT,W/SHELF  8-10H 36L  4D CRK007 564
COATRACK,4FT         5.5H - 48L CRK011 633
COATRACK,4FT,W/SHELF  8-10H 48L  4D CRK012 690

Visit the Sticks site for ideas for custom order coat racks.
We can order you anything that you see on the Sticks site.
Please allow 6-10 weeks for custom order delivery.