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sticks: keepsake boxes

Sticks Keepsake Boxes make a wonderful keepsake gift for many occasions including wedding, anniversary, graduation, pet memorial, etc. We often have a nice selection of boxes in stock for immediate shipment but please also consider a custom order box. Delivery for custom boxes is 6 to 8 weeks. 

 Keepsake Boxes
are available in 3 varieties:

BOX010 BOX, SMALL    11"W  11"D  5"H (with Partitioned Interior) $437
BOX013 BOX, SMALL 11"W  11"D  5"H (8.5"W, 8.5"D Interior without partition) $437
BOX100 REMOTE CONTROL BOX 14.5"W  11.5"D  5"H $587

If you don't see what you like on this page we'd love to help you with a custom order.
Please visit our Sticks Custom Order Keepsake Box page for ideas.