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Tobi Sznajderman: goldsmith

In 1985, Tobi Sznajderman received a BFA in Metalsmithing from the School for American Craftsmen, Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester, NY. She studied with many professors at RIT. Near and dear to her heart always is Hans Christensen, who died during her first year there. She also studied with Gary Griffin, Leonard Urso and Mark Stanitz. Urso was particularly influential in her early work, which dealt with the human form.

Artist's Statement:
Precious metals are my palette, the hammer my paintbrush. I strive to create works that bring joy to the wearer, to the body and to the eye. I am intrigued by the effect of contrasting textures: by the play of light on a burnished edge, the mark of a hammer blow, or the upset of a straight line. The work must be more than a technical accomplishment. It must have rhythm and it must tell a story to be truly complete.


We always have an extensive collection of Tobi's work at Craft Company No. 6 but it is ever changing and challenging to keep up-to-date on our website. If you are unable to visit our store you are welcome to email us for prices and place an order by phone or email. We suggest that you visit Tobi's website to see the extensive collection of her work. We will be happy to order you anything you see on her site.

Have you been wishing for a simple yet unique wedding ring? 



Canít seem to find just what you want? Craft Company No. 6 goldsmith, Tobi Sznajderman, can make a ring to your ideal specifications.  Are you interested in a polished 3 mm wide palladium band with a rounded top? Would you love it even more if it had tiny diamonds set in the surface?  Perhaps you prefer a wider ring in14k rose gold. Maybe a brush finished flat surface is your style. Or maybe you crave a more organic look, with edges that are not perfectly straight. Want to add a scattering of diamonds, rubies or sapphires?  Why not! Your wedding ring should be as unique as you are.
Tobi can work in any color or karat of gold, or in platinum, palladium or sterling silver.  The staff at Craft Company can help you determine your ideal width and thickness, and style details.  Donít settle for anything less than perfect
Tobi Sznajderman specializes in Custom Design.
Do you have a special stone you'd like to have in a new setting? Or an idea for any a necklace, pin, earring or pin?

Please email us and we'll be happy to work with you on the design process and be sure to visit Tobi's Custom Design page to see examples of her custom work.