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yardbird: book


A great gift for children!

Add some of the Junkyard characters featured in the book for an extra special gift.


Yardbird Book: Jenny Makes a Junkyard Friend
A1 161674
In this first children's book in a projected series with a recycling theme, Jenny the puppy follows a hot air balloon and comes upon a junkyard. Dismayed at all the waste, she starts putting different pieces together and creates Happy Puppy. Together they recycle more of the discarded sprockets, springs, shovels, etc. and make more Yardbird friends. When they leave and find the hot air balloon rides, they travel on an adventure to make the world a better place. Fun and timely story! 11'' wide x 9.5'' tall (hardcover), 40 pgs.
Jenny's Happy Puppy Friend
Yardbird Book: Jenny's Happy Puppy Friend
D220 163322
The perfect size for desktop or shelf decor. Made using scrap and reject metal including edger blades and a steel ball nose. Made in the USA. 5 X 3 X 5.5 inches (WLH)
Jenny's Monkey Wrench Friend
Yardbird Book: Jenny's Monkey Wrench Friend
C295 161958
This cute little monkey is a handy helper! Perfect gift for the "fix-it" person in your life. Made using scrap and reject metal. Made in the USA. 6.5 X 5 X 6.5 inches (WLH)