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yardbird: junkyard cats

These cats were made from recycled and rejected metal parts. While made of left-overs, they have plenty of love left over for you!

And, they won't bring in dead mice or 
claw the curtains.


Yardbird Cat: Flat
K027 166528
Handcrafted from scrap edger blades, the Flat Cat looks great hanging or flat on the floor. 2"L x 10"W x 18"H
Yardbird Cat: Fluffy Kitten
K001 100932
How would you like to meet a fluffy kitty that won't shed a single hair? Crafted from scrap & reject edger blades, nails, steel balls, and rocker arms, ours is a low maintenance feline. 13"L x 9"W x 14" H
Yardbird Cat: Mini "Fluffy"
K058 162212
Made from recycled metal parts, including edger bladesand nails. 12''L x 9''W x 18''H
Yardbird Cat: Nuts "Chubby
K064 165032
This chubby little cat makes delightful use of a scrap nut, washers, and edger blades. 6.5''L
Yardbird Cat: Nuts Baby
K025 166736
This kitty with a nut for a body is one of best sellers! 8"L x 5"W x 11"H
Yardbird Cat: Scaredy
K009 100924
This frisky feline is handcrafted from an overhead garage door spring, rocker arms, nails & steel balls. 14"L x 8"W x 17"H
Yardbird Cat: Tiny Kitten
K054 70141
This little cat sculpture makes the perfect gift for animal lovers. Made from recycled metal parts with marble eyes. 8.5"L x 6.5"W x 7"H
Yardbird Cat: Tiny Sleepy Kitten
K061 70142
Who could resist a face like this? Perfect small gift or tabletop decor. Made from recycled metal parts and glass marble eyeballs. 8''L x 5''W x 6''H
Yardbird Cat: Tubby
K042 163166
This lovable chubby tubby cat is made with a discarded tank, wheelbarrow rim face, and marble eyes. 11.5L x 11W x 14.5H
Callie Cat Standing
Yardbird Cat: Callie Cat Standing
K108 70145
Everybody wants to be a cat! The coolest cat in town doesn't wake you up at dawn, but will make you smile! Made in the USA. 8.00 x 15.50 x 15.00 (WLH)
Cheeks the Cat
Yardbird Cat: Cheeks the Cat
K029 160360
Made from recycled metal, this little chubby-faced kitty waits patiently for a home. Made in the USA. 7 X 8 X 9 inches (WLH)
Medium Catbird
Yardbird Cat: Medium Catbird
K109 70146
A bird on the tail is worth two in the bush? Meow! Made in the USA. 12 x 14 x 15 (IN, WxLxH)
Tiny Flat Cat
Yardbird Cat: Tiny Flat Cat
K099 70144
A new rendition of a customer favorite, this little guy looks great anywhere. He (or she) can hang on your fence in your garden, or inside your house...or if you have the right sense of humor, flat on the ground works just fine! Designed and Made in the USA. Dimensions 6" x 5" x 1"