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yardbird: birds


When people ask
Rich Kolb about his creations, he smi
les and says, "The things in life that bring us the most joy are those which are fun and unexpected, not the mere necessities."

These whimsical feathered friends are sure to encourage some smiles!

It is pretty simple: Yardbirds® are really just about happiness.


Yardbird Bird: Heron
B040 161230
This elegant heron will stand tall in your home or garden. Handcrafted from scrap and reject metal parts. 13"L x 12"W x 39"H
Tall Heron
Yardbird Bird: Tall Heron
B044 70147
This elegant heron will stand tall and proud in your yard or garden! At over 4 feet tall, the head/neck comes off for shipping. See also B040 Heron. Handmade in Kentucky.
Yardbird Bird: Owl - Mini
B054 161170
Handcrafted from scrap & rejected metal parts, our Mini Owl is right at home in the home or garden.
Yardbird Bird: Peacock - Small "Chubby Nut"
B078 163895
Can be used as a paperweight or shelf sitter, this tiny bird will never fly away. 6.5 x 14.5 x 11
Bike Chain Pelican
Yardbird Bird: Bike Chain Pelican
B088 70148
This petite pelican is made using bike chain as the body. A perfect desktop item. Made in the USA. 2.5"L X 3"W X 3.5"H
CK Blue Bird
Yardbird Bird: CK Blue Bird
B099 64598
One of our newer pieces featuring a cabinet knob body. This blue bird brings a song to everyone's heart! Made with scrap and reject metal. Cabinet knob color may vary. Made in the USA.
CK Bluebird Hanging
Yardbird Bird: CK Bluebird Hanging
B127 70153
Made in the USA 5x4.5x2.5
CK Cardinal
Yardbird Bird: CK Cardinal
B101 70150
This cardinal features a cabinet knob body. Great for all bird lovers and teams with a cardinal mascot! Made from scrap and reject metal. Made in the USA.
CK Cardinal Hanging
Yardbird Bird: CK Cardinal Hanging
B130 70156
Made in the USA 5x4.5x2.5
CK Hummingbird Hanging
Yardbird Bird: CK Hummingbird Hanging
B128 70154
Made in the USA 5x2x3
CK Hummingbird on Stand
Yardbird Bird: CK Hummingbird on Stand
B100 70149
This hummingbird in flight is anchored by a short stand so he'll never be out of sight. Made with marble eyes and a colorful cabinet knob body. Made in the USA.
CK Owl Hanging
Yardbird Bird: CK Owl Hanging
B129 70155
Made in the USA 4x5x2.5
CK Owl Table Top
Yardbird Bird: CK Owl Table Top
B102 161172
This adorable little owl is the smallest owl in our line. Made with marble eyes and a colorful cabinet knob body, he will perch perfectly on any shelf. Made in the USA.
Hungry Hatchling
Yardbird Bird: Hungry Hatchling
B103 70151
This baby bird is made with marble eyes and steel balls for the head and body. Handmade in Kentucky.
Lucky Horseshoe Owl
Yardbird Bird: Lucky Horseshoe Owl
B126 66094
Made in the USA 4.5x6.5x6
Lucky Horseshoe Penguin
Yardbird Bird: Lucky Horseshoe Penguin
B131 70157
This adorable table top penguin features a horseshoe body. Made in the USA 2.5x5x6
Pileated Woodpecker
Yardbird Bird: Pileated Woodpecker - Restyled
B113 70152
All the beauty of a woodpecker in nature without the annoying pecking sound. Made with washers on the feet so you can mount it to your tree outside. Made in the USA. 10.5"L x 6"W x 6.5"H
Pretty Peacock with Marbles
Yardbird Bird: Pretty Peacock with Marbles
B090 163888
This beautiful Pretty Peacock has blue and red marbles in the tail feathers to add a colorful element. Very striking! Tail is separate from the body for shipping. Handmade in Kentucky.